Women and Leadership

Women and Leadership

A one day workshop with Loretta Brown

18 July 2016, Wellington

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Women and Leadership

A one day workshop with Loretta Brown

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Developing the critical skills to lead with confidence and charisma

This workshop will show you what the research says about the realities for women in leadership roles and provide the opportunity to develop the critical skills to lead with confidence. It will bust some myths around confidence and provide practical strategies for dealing with the inner and outer factors that impact on your leadership effectiveness.

On this practical workshop you will:

  • Learn the hidden secrets of confidence that few women know
  • Overcome the imposter syndrome
  • Uncover competing commitments that may be holding you back
  • Understand workplace bias and how to successfully navigate it
  • Learn how to say ‘No’ without offending
  • Learn about new ways of leading that are taking the world by storm
  • Learn how to speak and promote yourself powerfully in ways that fit your values and personal style.

After this workshop, you can expect to:

  • Take more action and be more effective in your work
  • Feel more confident in every part of life
  • Access your own inner wisdom quickly and reliably
  • Find your voice and get your unique contribution into the world
  • Feel less dependent on the approval of others at work and home.

Who should attend?

This is an opportunity to work with a group of dynamic women to develop a climate of support  so crucial for stepping up.  In a competition-free zone women can tell it like it is and together develop the strategies to go further together than they would on their own.

What people have said about the workshop:

“Loretta played a major role in setting me up for all this success. I happily tell anyone that will listen about some of the epiphanies I had in our coaching sessions and how they really shaped my outlook in a profound and permanent way. So thank you Loretta, I’m truly grateful!”

Catherine Vaughen, Business Unit Director, Astra Zeneca

“I can’t speak highly enough of my coaching experience with Loretta. She provided an environment where we could have open & honest dialogue about my leadership journey. I felt that she genuinely cared and it was easy to discuss a range of topics, in which she utilised thoughtful and insightful examples relevant to our conversations.”

Kathryn Haworth, General Manager Strategy – at Lotto NZ

“The workshop stimulated a lot of reflection. The ideas were something I really related to. My confidence to create a change in the current situation is much stronger. It is always good to be able to attend such workshops, no matter how many you think you have been to, as you always take something away”

Sandra Wilkinson, Associate Dean, Manukau Institute of Technology


Loretta Brown

A leadership expert and executive coach, Loretta specialises in the development of strategy and leadership capacity in public, private and non-profit organisations. Throughout her career, she has been involved in leadership roles and has been a company director for 12 years. This provides her a sound understanding of the leadership landscape of a commercial environment.

Loretta holds a MA of Social Work. She has been instrumental in developing the coaching and mentoring profession in New Zealand, advocating ethical and professional practice and is founder of the New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre. Her considerable knowledge and experience has been recognized with the achievement of a Master Coach accreditation from EMCC (European Coaching Mentoring Council)







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